CAS E11: Farewell Reflection

  • Category: Creativity / Activity / Service

  • Total Duration: 21 hours 

Our seniors (IB-DP Batch 2) have their IB examinations are just around the corner, and their school days are coming to an end. After several years of schooling, they are finally going to move on to the next phase of their lives. Therefore, all of us had taken up the responsibility of giving them a fabulous farewell, so that the memories of their last school days have an indelible impression on their minds. I felt that we organised the farewell much better than we had expected, and it was a new experience for me as well because I have never organised such events before.

As I have written in my 2nd journal, through this experience I have realised how powerful a team can get when it is faced with problems. Working together as a team, as well as the contribution of every member to organise the event, were crucial aspects for the success of the game “Treasure Hunt” we had organised. I have also learnt that organizing even simple games such as these are not easy, as I had previously thought. Although the ideas can be framed rather quickly, it takes a lot of time and effort from everyone in the team to actually get the work done. We also had to believe in ourselves and boost our confidence, whenever things were getting out of hand, that we could successfully conduct the game.

I have also improved my communication skills from this experience. I had to explain the rules and instructions of the game clearly to all the 5 teams all by myself, which greatly increased my confidence of speaking. This experience has also made us closer together as a batch, as it was an event organised with the effort from every single one of us. It was such a joyous moment for all of us when the seniors had told us that their farewell (which we had organised) was much better than the one they had organised for our super seniors. I wonder how our juniors would organise a farewell party for us next year… 


About SriVishnu

Hi, I am Vishnu. I am currently pursuing my higher education in TIPS - The Indian Public School, taking IB-DP. My Blog is where I share my personal reflections and opinions of the CAS activities I have experienced, and for many more journeys which are yet to be explored...
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