CAS E11: Farewell Party

Journal 1 – 05/10/2016

Tomorrow is going to be a momentous day for our seniors (DP-2 batch). We have planned to give our seniors a farewell party (tomorrow evening at 5:00 pm) before they write their final exams. We divided ourselves into different groups, to split all the arrangements and games which had to be organised. I was an integral member of the Treasure Hunt team, and I had already came up with 7 clues based on the locations around the school. Today, all of us in the Treasure Hunt team had a meeting, where we decided on how to organise the Treasure Hunt game, as well as finalizing the clues and locations around the school.

We decided to have a total of 12 clues and hidden locations around the school, and I made sure the clues were difficult enough for even the intellectual ones who would be participating in the game. Our teachers had told us that there were around 20 – 25 seniors interested in the game. So we decided to split them into 5 different groups, and each group would be designated a colour. 

The clues as well as the hidden spots for all the teams would be the same, to ensure that the game was fair for every group. But we had to write the same clue in 5 different coloured papers, so that the teams take only the clues of their designated colour, and move on to find the next location. We had also prepared a list of instructions and rules, to make the game clear for everyone participating in the game, and to prevent cheating as much as possible. We had set out this entire plan to carry out the Treasure Hunt, and I explained this plan to our DP teachers (Mdm. Nanditha, Mdm. Pranaya and Mr.Rolf), and they were pleased to see the clues, and where they would be hidden.

I thought we could start writing the clues and hiding them at their locations, but then somehow I found myself joining in another event for the Farewell: The Flashmob. Throughout the entire afternoon, about 15 – 20 of us were practicing several but simple dance steps, with the help of our school dance master. We practiced to dance continuously for three songs, and I had a bit of trouble remembering all those steps in sequence. Hopefully with more practice tomorrow, I can be ready for the surprise dance performance tomorrow. But most importantly, tomorrow we have a lot of work to finish up for the Treasure Hunt.     

Journal 2 – 06/10/2016

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Wow, what an incredible night! The farewell had definitely exceeded our expectations, and I am sure that our seniors had a pleasant surprise as well. Let me begin recalling all the events from the start of the day…

I was very stressed out in the morning, as we had so much work to do for the Treasure Hunt. First, we had to get 5 different coloured papers, and write the same 12 clues on each paper. Then, we cut out every clue and folded them in small bits, carefully securing them with a rubber band. This was a tedious process, and took us about two hours. Moreover, we also decided to have some fake clues, to notch up the difficulty of the game. After that, we had to roam around the school and hide the clues at the respective locations (with the help of tape), which was another laborious process. However, we were not able to place all the clues before lunch, so we still had work for Treasure Hunt pending.

After lunch, we were immediately called for dance practice for the Flash Mob. We took some time refreshing our memory on the dance steps we had learnt yesterday, and moved on to learn the steps for the final song. I still had the problem of forgetting the steps once in a while, but there was no time to worry about that as there were only 2 more hours for our seniors to arrive. I just hoped for the best, and went back with my group to finish up the work for the Treasure Hunt, placing the rest of the clues in their locations. 

After placing all the clues, we went around to check whether the clues had been placed properly according to the planned sequence, and we found that one set of clues was placed in the wrong location, another set of clues was missing, and another set was blown off by the wind. I was panicking at that moment, because there was only an hour left to rectify all these mistakes. But it was at this moment that I realised the true power of a team. A part of the team immediately ran back to the classroom to re-write the missing clues, a few of us had set off to relocate the clues which were in the wrong place, and meanwhile I was gathering the clues which were strewn off by the wind. In about 45 minutes, we were able to set everything as it should be, and I heaved a sigh of relief.

With only a few minutes remaining for our seniors to arrive, I rushed to the school hostel to freshen up and change into the dress code for the farewell (black shirt and blue jeans). Just as we stood at the entrance to welcome the seniors, they started coming in pairs, oozing with style. All the boys were dressed in full formal suit (mostly black), which was just pure class. The girls were dressed gorgeously in traditional sarees of vibrant colours. They walked on a red carpet leading to the seminar hall, taking pictures at a photo booth on the way. The seminar hall was absolutely stunning, beautifully decorated with a theme of “House of Cards”. The lighting was changed by sticking yellow filters on the lights of the ceiling, and the decorations were top-notch. 

At first, we had a short video directed by a friend of mine, in which the DP teachers talked about their experiences with our seniors, as well as wishing them good luck for their future endeavors. After that, we had a momento distribution for each student of DP-2 by the teachers, and each one of them was called out with a nickname (also thought by ourselves, and even I had given some ideas) which was a lot of fun. After that, a few from our batch started the first game of the evening, Mafia. Unfortunately, it ended out being really boring, as they had to keep their eyes closed for very long. The seniors then proceeded to the auditorium, where a game called “Nerf Wars” was organised by another team of our batch. It seemed to be going well at the start, but it turned out to be chaotic, and ended up in the seniors randomly shooting at each other, disregarding all the rules.

And finally, I lead all those interested in “Treasure Hunt” out of the auditorium, and divided them into 5 teams. I was delighted, because we had initially expected only around 20 seniors, but there were 35 seniors who came forward to indulge in our game. I went around explaining the rules of the game to each team clearly, told them their designated colour, and gave them their first clue. “3… 2… 1… GOOO!!!” I shouted at the top of my voice, and off they went, rushing to the first location. We stationed ourselves at different places of the school, and we only told them “hot” or “cold” if they were stuck trying to figure out a clue. I was ecstatic to see most of the seniors enjoying their night, running here and there to figure out where the clues were hidden. All of our hard work had finally paid off as the game was a huge success, undoubtedly the best of the three. At the end of the game, I was given the mic to announce the winning team of the game, and I invited the school chairman Mr. Ashok to give out the winning prize.

The DP teachers came forward and congratulated me and my team for organizing the Treasure Hunt. All of us had an appetizing dinner afterwards, which was sponsored by everyone from our batch (DP-1). Just as the seniors had finished their dinner, all of a sudden we stood in front of them and began our Flash Mob dance performance. Then, the DJ continued with the music after our performance, and the seniors joined dancing with us. The final event for the night was the lighting of paper lanterns, which reminded me of one of the scenes in “Tangled”. We helped the seniors in lighting the lanterns, and they flew off into the dark night, a symbolic representation of the teachers lighting up the students’ lives, in order for them to reach great heights in their future. Describing this event with the word “magnificent” would be an understatement. 


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