CAS E10: Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN India) Reflection



  • Category: Activity

  • Total Duration: 65 hours

Soon after my first MUN experience from IIMUN – Coimbatore, I was very keen to participate in another MUN conference. So, my friends and I decided to take part in one of the most prestigious MUN conferences in India, that is Harvard MUN, held at Hyderabad. This MUN conference brought together thousands of delegates from across the world, to debate and discuss major issues in international affairs, by simulating committees of the United Nations and other international bodies. Moreover, it is held only once every year, so I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to improve on my communication, debating and diplomatic skills. 

Speaking in front of a huge crowd is a vital life skill, and through this invaluable experience I have become more confident in doing so, by voicing out my opinions in front of several people. My perception of MUNs has totally changed after going to HMUN, as it was on a much larger scale and much more professional compared to IIMUN, and made it seem trivial when compared to HMUN. I have also learnt that communicating with new people (lobbying in short) is crucial in order to become a successful delegate. I have realised that this is also a skill very much needed for our future, when we will have to work constructively and make contacts with unknown people.

From this MUN, I have also become more cognizant of important world issues which are happening at present, as well as issues we might face as global citizens in the future. In order to find a possible solution for these issues at a MUN, we have to establish a group of people with similar views, and form a reasonable solution as a consequence. I have learnt this does not only apply for MUNs, but it also applies for real life situations, to listen to others and work together in order to form an appropriate resolution for the issue.

Altogether, I have to say that HMUN was an exhilarating experience, where I was able to acquire indispensable communicating and debating skills, as well as have loads of fun at the same time. (Did I forget to mention about the scrumptious food provided for every meal?)


About SriVishnu

Hi, I am Vishnu. I am currently pursuing my higher education in TIPS - The Indian Public School, taking IB-DP. My Blog is where I share my personal reflections and opinions of the CAS activities I have experienced, and for many more journeys which are yet to be explored...
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