CAS E8: TIPS Soccer Challenge Reflection

  • Category: Creativity, Activity, Service

  • Total Duration: 30 hours

Organising the football tournament held in our school – TIPS NACE Soccer Challenge – was much harder than what I had expected, even with the help of the school’s sport faculty. We were assigned our roles and tasks the day before the competition, but during the event most of us ended up doing a part of everyone’s jobs. I am glad that through this experience, I was able to show my interest and passion in the sport, as being an avid football fan, I was very enthusiastic while giving running commentary for the important matches.

I believe that my communication skills have improved through this event, as I had to go around and ask the participants to line up in an orderly manner, and bring them for lunch. In addition to that, we also had to work together as a unit (although we were divided into teams) and had to communicate with each other to keep the tournament running efficiently. Furthermore, my confidence level of giving a speech has raised significantly, as I was able to pull off a sudden and impromptu speech to thank the referees who ran the show on-field for the past 3 days.

Not only that, I also never expected myself to be giving a dance performance for the closing ceremony. Somehow, by hook or by crook, I was able to perform the dance steps in the eve of the final day along with some of my friends. In the end, the tournament turned out to be a delightful surprise for all of our school students, as we were able to successfully organise the district – level competition, and moreover, our school had also won the competition in both the U-10 and U-12 categories.

Although we were exhausted after each day of the tournament, I believe most of us had shown perseverance and resilience to continue carrying out our duties and tasks, till the last moments of the event. Overall, this soccer challenge has brought the DP-Year 1 students together, and has helped us to bond with one another as one cohort. Personally, it has enhanced my ability of delivering a speech confidently, and I also feel that my sense of responsibility has slightly increased, after involving in a few major tasks of organising the event.


About SriVishnu

Hi, I am Vishnu. I am currently pursuing my higher education in TIPS - The Indian Public School, taking IB-DP. My Blog is where I share my personal reflections and opinions of the CAS activities I have experienced, and for many more journeys which are yet to be explored...
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