CAS E8: TIPS NACE Soccer Challenge

Journal 1 – 28/07/2016

A week ago, our CAS Coordinator Mr. Rolf gave us (IB-DP Year 1 students) the mammoth task of organizing this district-level football tournament, which was held for Under-10 and Under – 12 football teams from several schools in Coimbatore. Yesterday, all DP-1 students had a meeting with Mr. Rolf, to briefly discuss on our roles and tasks for the event. I was part of the arrangements team, and I volunteered to give live commentary during important matches of the tournament.

Today was the first day of TIPS NACE Soccer Challenge. We had our breakfast, and we were issued our CAS T-shirts the first thing in the morning. The participating teams for the day arrived at about 10:30 – 11 am, and the reception team started their job of bringing them to the gallery. Meanwhile, during that time I helped out in setting up the score board across the field, pinning up pictures of famous football stars on the board.

Although there was no opening ceremony, a few my friends were part of a small football play to kick off the tournament, where they passed the ball to each other and tried to score a goal. The play would have almost been disastrous, as one of my friends who took the shot missed the goal, and very luckily the ball deflected off the woodwork. Somehow after the deflection, another guy tapped in the ball into the net, and finished off the dramatic play. After the play, the first soccer match had begun, and all of us went around carrying out our responsibilities.

One of my tasks for the day was to inform the coaches of the participating teams in the gallery that it was time for lunch. I had to get the kids to line up in two rows, and bring them to the lunch hall. I had to give them instructions to stay seated in the lunch hall until everyone had finished eating, so that I could bring them to the gallery again. In fact, I myself sat down with those kids and had lunch with them, to make sure that they don’t go off by themselves.

After lunch, I mostly helped out with the score board team, where I had to keep track of and write down the number of corners, fouls, goal-kicks and goals scored for each team in every match. It was a tedious task, but with keen observation and friends to help me out whenever I missed a foul or a corner, I was able to quite accurately tally up all the statistics for about 3 – 4 matches. Although my task was only to make arrangements for the teams, it was fun and engaging to take up different tasks of others for a while.

Journal 2 – 29/07/2016

Once we had arrived to school and had breakfast, the first task in the morning was to pick up stones from the football field, and throwing them away. The white powder used to draw the penalty box, half line and out lines had many white lumps or stones in them. To prevent the inconvenience of the participants during the match, we were told to pick up the stones and to throw them away. Once the matches had started, we had to carry out our duties similar to yesterday. From today, some of my classmates were running a food stall, and I helped them out by squeezing a packet full of lemons, to prepare the lemonade puree.

After lunch, my friend and I were giving running commentary for a few matches, but we had to stop in a short while, as the school coaches informed us that running commentary was only to be done for the Under 10 and Under 12 finals tomorrow. After that, I did the score board duty again, updating it every now and then, and changing the school names for different matches, and announcing the names of the teams at the beginning of each match. I got bored after some time, hence I gave my duty to someone else and decided to go up to the audio control area. I added a few music tracks to the laptop, which was played during half time and after the match. The area was also where the sound for the microphones used were controlled, hence it was an important part of the event.

Just an hour or two before going home, I joined some of my friends to learn a few dance moves with our dance teachers, which we would have to perform for the closing ceremony tomorrow! Initially, the dance teachers were in the process of choreographing the moves, and we were trying out many different steps. But later on, some of the steps were removed and some were refined. It took us about an hour and a half to finalize all the steps, according to the timing of the music. Although it wasn’t very coordinated and we kept forgetting some of the moves, we still have time to rehearse tomorrow.

Journal 3 – 30/07/2016

Today was the final day of the soccer tournament, and for most of us, the workload we had today was greater than the workload of the previous two days both combined. We had to carry out various tasks from 9 in the morning till 9 at night.

Right from the morning, all the matches were the most crucial ones of the entire tournament, as the day began with the quarter final matches for U-10 boys. I took up the role of announcing the teams participating in each match, and informing the teams to get them prepared for the upcoming match, according to the schedule planned by school management. Moreover, once each match had finished, I also had the responsibility of striking out the team which had lost, and writing the team which had won, and hence qualifying for the next match. My friends and I also brought refreshments (juice cartons) for the referees toiling hard throughout the day, and for the coaches who were screaming their lungs out to motivate the kids during the match.

Moreover, later on in the afternoon, we had our final dance rehearsal for today’s closing ceremony. It was then I found out that we were actually part of a larger dance performance, and we had to join in a few minutes after the 6th and 7th grade students’ start off the performance. Even though I initially thought that I would have definitely forgotten most of the steps, as we practiced again and again, I was able to cope up with the tempo of the music, as well as perform the steps to some extent. The dance coaches guided us whenever we struggled to do some of the steps during the practice, and they were pleased with our final practice. After that, the dance teachers gave us a few words of encouragement, and we were back to our duties in the evening.

The tournament had reached the last semi-finals by then, and my friend and I were getting ready to give running commentary for the finals! We were really amped up just before the finals, because both of us had waited for the past 2 days to give running commentary, and we were finally allowed to do so. Before the finals, we had to announceĀ the names of the sponsors of the event, who had just arrived to watch the finals. Moreover, I was also asked advertise the menu of items which were selling in the food stall, to further boost their sales before the audience had settled down for the finals.

“3, 2, 1.. and let the finals begin!” we started off the match excitedly, and the kick off whistle was blown. The U-10 finals was truly a nail-biting match. The teams which had made it to the finals were TIPS Erode, and our own school team – TIPS Coimbatore. Our school boys were down 1-0 against TIPS Erode during the first half. And in the dying minutes of the second half, our school team finally managed to find the back of the net, and kept our school’s hopes alive for winning the trophy. Just when we thought the match was heading into extra time, our school team had scored a second goal in a quick succession, and that was the winning goal! The ecstatic kids and coaches were already celebrating soon after the goal, and the final whistle confirmed our school’s victory for U-10 finals. It was absolutely splendid to give live commentary for this match, especially during the final moments, as we were able to add on to the intensity and excitement of the game.

Soon after, the U-12 finals had begun, and the finalists were our school team again – TIPS Coimbatore, and KSIRS. We gave the countdown again, and the match had begun. However, there was not much competition, as it was very clear that our school boys were easily dominating the match. By half time, our school team was already leading 3 – 0, and the final score after full time was 6 – 0. Our school boys easily won the trophy, and there wasn’t much to give commentary, as the match was so one-sided. It was a fantastic achievement that in such a huge competition, with so many schools participating, our school were the winners for both the U-10 and U-12 category.

Once the finals were over, the closing ceremony began, starting with our dance performance! The other (6th and 7th grade) students started off the performance, and we joined in when it was time for us to perform the moves we learnt. The entire performance was about 4 minutes long, where we danced during the last 2 minutes. I felt that all of us had performed well, and the hours of practice and rehearsals had finally paid off.

After our dance performance, we had the presentation of awards to winning teams. I helped out by holding the certificates on a tray, as the chief guests and sponsors presented the certificates and trophies to each team member. In the end, I was called by Mr. Rolf to give an impromptu closing address, to thank the district level referees who organised the event on-field, and to present them with a token of appreciation from the sponsors. I was glad that I was able to pull it off in the last minute, reading off the names of the referees from a piece of paper, which I had written down quickly as Mr. Rolf listed the names. Although today was a long and tiring day, we enjoyed working together as one CAS team, to successfully finish organizing this football tournament.


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