CAS E7: IIMUN Coimbatore Reflection

  • Category: Activity

  • Total Duration: 36 hours

    IIMUN was a new and an enjoyable experience, being my first MUN event, and it was not like a usual debate competition which I had expected before. Even though we had numerous practice sessions in school before the event, I still was not able to understand the ROP (Rules of Procedure) and how the argument was going to be put forth, until I had actually experienced it myself in the first committee session. In the very first session, I realized the importance of carrying out extensive research on the agenda as well as on the country given as our delegation. With no prior research or information on the topic, it is almost impossible to provide valid points or answer other delegates’ questions during the moderated caucus.

    I was having the preconceived notion that the competition would be fairly easy, and to be honest I think I was a bit over-confident. Only when I went there I realized I was competing with other delegates who had 5 – 6 MUN experiences before, and moreover I was in one of the toughest committees in the competition, with a very powerful country – USA. I did not like the agenda set to be discussed in the committee, as it was too long and there wasn’t enough information to be discussed on, and moreover even our chair had agreed with us in the first session that the agenda was a poor topic for HRC.

    In my point of view, the experience that I had gained through this MUN was invaluable. I would know exactly what to expect the next time I participate in a MUN competition, with no doubts or whatsoever I had initially before this IIMUN. Moreover, another salient skill that I developed from this MUN is lobbying around – talking to other delegates and convincing them to join our bloc, which is also crucial to become a successful delegate. Gaining the support of the majority of the delegates is vital for a bloc to pass its resolution, and I learnt this skill quickly from other delegates who tried to convince me to join their blocs!

    This IIMUN has been a fresh and a delightful experience, and it has already provoked interest within me to participate in other MUN competitions. I have a strong feeling that I will participate in another MUN conference sooner or later… Only time will tell.


About SriVishnu

Hi, I am Vishnu. I am currently pursuing my higher education in TIPS - The Indian Public School, taking IB-DP. My Blog is where I share my personal reflections and opinions of the CAS activities I have experienced, and for many more journeys which are yet to be explored...
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