CAS E6: Adoption for Abortion Rally

Journal & Reflection

  • Category: Activity

  • Total Duration: 3.5 hours

Today, grade 9 students, my batch mates (DP Year 1) and I went on a Rally where we walked along the side of the road for an hour or so, shouting together in chorus “Save the Girl Child” and “Adoption for Abortion”, as the public looked at us with awe and dismay. The main aim of the rally was to create awareness that abortion of babies are on the rise. We were informed of this last Friday, and some of my classmates and grade 9 students had prepared posters to support the cause. Micheal Job Matriculation Secondary School also joined the rally along with us. Our energy level was high, and all of us were enthusiastic as we walked during the rally. One of us took the initiative to shout a slogan, and the rest of us supported him by repeating after him. All our shouting and chanting caught the attention of the public, and we had our banners and posters held high so that people know the purpose of our rally. It wasn’t a big or long rally (as there were only 2 schools participating), but it was a meaningful one.

After walking for half a kilometre and screaming at the top of our voices, we were provided with a few snacks and drinks by the organizers. We took group photos with friends and also with the other school after the rally. You can view these pictures below.

A mother deciding to abort her baby has always been an arguable and a controversial debate, as people have different view points. My personal view is that unless the abortion of the baby is absolutely necessary, it should not be an option. For instance, when the fetus is detrimental to its mother, or in cases where the fetus is born with severe health problems or conditions, abortion can be a solution. However in the modern world, most of the abortion cases are because of contraceptive failure, where the mother does not wish to have a baby. I strongly feel that this is not a valid reason for abortion, and in these situations it is definitely immoral to go for abortion, where these babies could be given a chance to live through adoption. I also think that pregnancies of rape victims should not be aborted, as it’s not fair to end the life of a baby which did nothing wrong to its mother. Leaving the babies for Adoption is the moral and best solution in these cases.



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Hi, I am Vishnu. I am currently pursuing my higher education in TIPS - The Indian Public School, taking IB-DP. My Blog is where I share my personal reflections and opinions of the CAS activities I have experienced, and for many more journeys which are yet to be explored...
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