CAS E5: News of the Day

Journal & Reflection

  • Category: Activity
  • Total Duration: 1.5 hours

Today just as I woke up, my friend had called me and reminded that I had to present the news of the day during assembly in school! If not for him, I would have never prepared to present the news that morning. I rushed off to read that day’s newspaper, and hurriedly noted down the International News and headlines on a piece of paper. But there wasn’t enough time, as my school bus had arrived.

I took my newspaper along, and before my breakfast I managed to write down a few more interesting information from the newspaper. Moreover, my friends also informed that Cleveland Cavaliers had just won NBA 2016 Finals against GSW, just before the morning assembly. When I was called to present the news of the day, my legs were trembling while standing in front of my batch mates and seniors. But, as I started reading the news out aloud, I felt better and became more confident. There was complete silence, except for the sound of my voice reverberating in the hall.

I became even more confident, because it meant that everyone were listening to my news. I enjoyed informing my friends of that day’s current affairs. I felt that they relished the news from Sports and Entertainment section the most. Once I had finished reading the news, I was content to hear my teachers and students giving a round of applause. Later on, my friends came to me and commended my loud and clear voice of presenting the news. Although it was a short experience, it boosted my confidence of presenting in front of a large audience.

Page 1 of my News preparation:

News of The Day


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