CAS E15: Tamil New Year Debate

Journal & Reflection

  • Category: Activity 

  • Total Duration: 8 hours

For this year’s Tamil New Year celebrations, we had an interesting debate over an important topic. Let me tell you a bit about the topic before I tell you about my experience…

Presently, Tamil people are spread all over the world and they bring up their child either by the culture of their country or the culture of Tamil Nadu. Nowadays, people follow either of these paths in bringing up their child.

So, we were 8 in number and we separated into 2 groups and even though I wanted to stand by the side where people should grow their children by Tamil culture I was asked to speak for the other side. That itself stood as the first challenge for me. It was quite challenging to prepare the script for the show.

4 of the students were in DP-1 and Lakshana, Vishnu, Roshan and I participated from DP-2. We had a few practice sessions, and when I took a glance of Roshan’s script, it seemed to mock the points that I had in mine. Therefore, I also added a few points to mock him in return, with a few valid points. Ma’am wrote and gave the script for our juniors, but for me, I had to write everything on my own. As I was the penultimate person to speak on the debate show, I had to be very bold and clear with my tone. And by the time I knew it, I had finished my part in the debate. The students and teachers absolutely loved the show!

Through this experience, I became more aware of my strengths and my areas of growth. Tamil Debate was an interesting challenge to me, and the debates that I participated before had helped me to perform this activity with skill. The 8 of us worked together collaboratively and all of us showed a lot of commitment for the show’s grand success. Even those who didn’t know Tamil enjoyed the show, and it made people to understand the ability and talent of Tamil people through the debate, as well as through the events that happened during the Tamil New Year celebrations. Overall, I was delighted by the way I performed on the stage and this activity boosted my confidence.

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CAS E14: π Day

Journal & Reflection

  • Category: Creativity / Activity 

  • Total Duration: 5 hours

To be honest, I never knew that there exists a day to commemorate the existence of the magical number Pi, until a few days back. The day was the 14th of March, and when written in the MM/DD format (03-14), it represents pi. When our math teacher told us that the DP-2 are going to be organising a small celebration for this day, my friend Muhil sparked an idea of bringing a cake shaped in the symbol of pi. I added on to the idea, that we could even cut the cake exactly at 3:14 pm, and we got instant approval to do so.

That night Muhil and I went to a known bakery store to get the cake, but they told us that it would not be possible to bake the cake in the shape of pi very easily, and that it would take time. So, instead I told them to draw the symbol of pi as large as possible on the cake, with the numbers 3.1415 written below it. When my friend got the cake and came to school the next day, I was glad to see that it turned out well.

On the day, we had to decorate the seminar hall, where the celebration would take place. A few of us decided to write the value of Pi to around a hundred decimal places on the white board. A few others drew π on all the balloons and hung them from the ceiling. The arrangements of the chairs were also done, and by lunch, the event was ready to be organized. We didn’t expect the arrangements and decorations made for pi day would turn out that well.

After that, along with the DP 1 students, we had a few quizzes, games and learnt a few fun facts about pi. And exactly at 3:14 pm, my friend and I made sure the cake was placed in front of everyone, and it was cut by our math HOD. The celebrations were swell, and we got to eat the extra cake that was left as well.

Personally, Pi day was a much needed break from the hectic and stressful classes of Math HL. It allowed us to free ourselves a bit, and bond over a math issue that we can actually rejoice about.

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CAS E13: Republic Day March Past Reflection

  • Category: Activity / Service

  • Total Duration: 14 hours 

I’m glad that we, as the senior most students of the school, were able to successfully carry forward the tradition of marching during the Republic day celebrations. Through this experience, I was able to refresh my memory of the drill of marching after a long period of time. Moreover, I was also given the chance to exhibit a bit some leadership skill, as I trained my batchmates on their marching drills during practice, and being responsible for giving commands throughout the march past.

But most importantly, it was the combined effort put in by all the individuals in our batch, along with the right guidance from coaches and with the help of the music band, that made it successful. In addition to that, I am glad that we all had shown resilience, by marching under the scorching sun and doing the same drill over and over again during our several hours of practice, and none of us gave up at any point of time. This ritual signifies the respect and devotion that we need to show for the country, and for people who have brought the nation to greater heights as well.

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CAS E13: Republic Day March Past

Journal 1 – 23/01/2017

Today, we had no regular classes after lunch, as we were called for practice to perform a march past for the upcoming Republic Day celebrations in our school. Most of us had a brief nostalgic moment of last year’s celebrations, when we performed hand drills while our seniors had performed the march past. But this time, we are the ones who will have to do carry out the tradition, as our seniors had done last year.

Years back, marching used to be a regular drill that I did twice a week. So, I already knew the basics of a good marching unit. As we practiced marching in lines of three, I could feel myself getting back my old rhythm. Still, coordination among us was lacking quite a bit. After a couple of minutes, we were finally able to rectify our errors in timing, and we looked neat as we marched past our instructor.

The real struggle was when all of us had to march together. It did not matter if we were marching properly as individuals, we had to communicate to among ourselves constantly to pace our steps correctly and to match our arm swings. The final bell rang by the time we could have sufficient practice… and I hope we can do better tomorrow.

Journal 2 – 24/01/2017

The actual parade is tomorrow, and our practice sessions had kicked off right after breakfast. Today, we had a drum beat timing given by a marching band from another school, who would join us for the actual parade as well. They marched ahead of us, swinging their parade stick and giving the drum beats for us to follow. It was easier for us to coordinate and pace our foot steps due to the timing set by the drum beat, and we were soon able to march together consistently. Yet, there was much more in for us to practice for the rest of the day…

The guest of honor for the parade were two of our seniors, who achieved exceptional IB results of 44 and 45 points. To honor their arrival to the parade (which would be before the march past), we had to stand in two neat rows, and salute them as they would walk past us. We took around an hour or so practicing to salute properly with two teachers walking as the guest of honor.

After that, we returned back to marching with the music band. I was given the task of leading and commanding all of us for marching past by the sports instructor, where I had to shout the following commands: “DP FORWARD MARCH!”, “SALUTE THE FLAG, SALUTE!” and “DP ORDER ARMS!”. I also had to give these commands during the actual parade. Though I was elated that I was trusted with this responsibility, I was afraid that if I missed the timing, the entire batch would screw up because of me. But, I took it lightly and I was able to deliver the commands with ease.

Journal 3 – 25/01/2017

Today, we stood in our blazers and wearing gloves to look standardized and neat. Our overall performance was good today, and all our hard work paid off. I did not even skip a beat in giving my commands, and in fact the teacher told me that even those seated as audience were able to hear them. In short, all went well today, and there is nothing more that I can say.


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CAS E12: Planting tree saplings in school

Journal & Reflection

  • Category: Activity / Service

  • Total Duration: 4 hours

My friend Aakaash and I came up with the idea of making our seniors to plant a tree sapling in memory of our late Mr.Venkat (Physics teacher and ex-coordinator), and another for themselves who are done with their school life. So, we decided to take up the initiative of bringing the tree saplings for the seniors to plant.

After a brief discussion with our CAS teacher on what type of sapling to plant, we decided on Mango and Chickoo saplings, because they would grow readily, and also other teachers had volunteered to get those plants. After that, we went around searching for a suitable place in the school to plant the sapling.

On the last day for our seniors, all the DP students gathered and the saplings were finally planted. After that, the teachers wished the students good luck for their future. I still fondly remember the words of our TOK teacher during that moment, “the fruits that these trees would bear in the future represents the whole lot of you, as fruits of success that are grown by this school”.

This idea for this activity was impromptu, it occurred to us just 2 days before the last day of school for the seniors. Hence, from this activity I learnt to plan and organise events quickly. Even though it was a small activity, this experience helped us to learn to make quick decisions and actions, in order to materialise an idea in such a short span of time.

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CAS E11: Farewell Reflection

  • Category: Creativity / Activity / Service

  • Total Duration: 21 hours 

Our seniors (IB-DP Batch 2) have their IB examinations are just around the corner, and their school days are coming to an end. After several years of schooling, they are finally going to move on to the next phase of their lives. Therefore, all of us had taken up the responsibility of giving them a fabulous farewell, so that the memories of their last school days have an indelible impression on their minds. I felt that we organised the farewell much better than we had expected, and it was a new experience for me as well because I have never organised such events before.

As I have written in my 2nd journal, through this experience I have realised how powerful a team can get when it is faced with problems. Working together as a team, as well as the contribution of every member to organise the event, were crucial aspects for the success of the game “Treasure Hunt” we had organised. I have also learnt that organizing even simple games such as these are not easy, as I had previously thought. Although the ideas can be framed rather quickly, it takes a lot of time and effort from everyone in the team to actually get the work done. We also had to believe in ourselves and boost our confidence, whenever things were getting out of hand, that we could successfully conduct the game.

I have also improved my communication skills from this experience. I had to explain the rules and instructions of the game clearly to all the 5 teams all by myself, which greatly increased my confidence of speaking. This experience has also made us closer together as a batch, as it was an event organised with the effort from every single one of us. It was such a joyous moment for all of us when the seniors had told us that their farewell (which we had organised) was much better than the one they had organised for our super seniors. I wonder how our juniors would organise a farewell party for us next year… 

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CAS E11: Farewell Party

Journal 1 – 05/10/2016

Tomorrow is going to be a momentous day for our seniors (DP-2 batch). We have planned to give our seniors a farewell party (tomorrow evening at 5:00 pm) before they write their final exams. We divided ourselves into different groups, to split all the arrangements and games which had to be organised. I was an integral member of the Treasure Hunt team, and I had already came up with 7 clues based on the locations around the school. Today, all of us in the Treasure Hunt team had a meeting, where we decided on how to organise the Treasure Hunt game, as well as finalizing the clues and locations around the school.

We decided to have a total of 12 clues and hidden locations around the school, and I made sure the clues were difficult enough for even the intellectual ones who would be participating in the game. Our teachers had told us that there were around 20 – 25 seniors interested in the game. So we decided to split them into 5 different groups, and each group would be designated a colour. 

The clues as well as the hidden spots for all the teams would be the same, to ensure that the game was fair for every group. But we had to write the same clue in 5 different coloured papers, so that the teams take only the clues of their designated colour, and move on to find the next location. We had also prepared a list of instructions and rules, to make the game clear for everyone participating in the game, and to prevent cheating as much as possible. We had set out this entire plan to carry out the Treasure Hunt, and I explained this plan to our DP teachers (Mdm. Nanditha, Mdm. Pranaya and Mr.Rolf), and they were pleased to see the clues, and where they would be hidden.

I thought we could start writing the clues and hiding them at their locations, but then somehow I found myself joining in another event for the Farewell: The Flashmob. Throughout the entire afternoon, about 15 – 20 of us were practicing several but simple dance steps, with the help of our school dance master. We practiced to dance continuously for three songs, and I had a bit of trouble remembering all those steps in sequence. Hopefully with more practice tomorrow, I can be ready for the surprise dance performance tomorrow. But most importantly, tomorrow we have a lot of work to finish up for the Treasure Hunt.     

Journal 2 – 06/10/2016

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Wow, what an incredible night! The farewell had definitely exceeded our expectations, and I am sure that our seniors had a pleasant surprise as well. Let me begin recalling all the events from the start of the day…

I was very stressed out in the morning, as we had so much work to do for the Treasure Hunt. First, we had to get 5 different coloured papers, and write the same 12 clues on each paper. Then, we cut out every clue and folded them in small bits, carefully securing them with a rubber band. This was a tedious process, and took us about two hours. Moreover, we also decided to have some fake clues, to notch up the difficulty of the game. After that, we had to roam around the school and hide the clues at the respective locations (with the help of tape), which was another laborious process. However, we were not able to place all the clues before lunch, so we still had work for Treasure Hunt pending.

After lunch, we were immediately called for dance practice for the Flash Mob. We took some time refreshing our memory on the dance steps we had learnt yesterday, and moved on to learn the steps for the final song. I still had the problem of forgetting the steps once in a while, but there was no time to worry about that as there were only 2 more hours for our seniors to arrive. I just hoped for the best, and went back with my group to finish up the work for the Treasure Hunt, placing the rest of the clues in their locations. 

After placing all the clues, we went around to check whether the clues had been placed properly according to the planned sequence, and we found that one set of clues was placed in the wrong location, another set of clues was missing, and another set was blown off by the wind. I was panicking at that moment, because there was only an hour left to rectify all these mistakes. But it was at this moment that I realised the true power of a team. A part of the team immediately ran back to the classroom to re-write the missing clues, a few of us had set off to relocate the clues which were in the wrong place, and meanwhile I was gathering the clues which were strewn off by the wind. In about 45 minutes, we were able to set everything as it should be, and I heaved a sigh of relief.

With only a few minutes remaining for our seniors to arrive, I rushed to the school hostel to freshen up and change into the dress code for the farewell (black shirt and blue jeans). Just as we stood at the entrance to welcome the seniors, they started coming in pairs, oozing with style. All the boys were dressed in full formal suit (mostly black), which was just pure class. The girls were dressed gorgeously in traditional sarees of vibrant colours. They walked on a red carpet leading to the seminar hall, taking pictures at a photo booth on the way. The seminar hall was absolutely stunning, beautifully decorated with a theme of “House of Cards”. The lighting was changed by sticking yellow filters on the lights of the ceiling, and the decorations were top-notch. 

At first, we had a short video directed by a friend of mine, in which the DP teachers talked about their experiences with our seniors, as well as wishing them good luck for their future endeavors. After that, we had a momento distribution for each student of DP-2 by the teachers, and each one of them was called out with a nickname (also thought by ourselves, and even I had given some ideas) which was a lot of fun. After that, a few from our batch started the first game of the evening, Mafia. Unfortunately, it ended out being really boring, as they had to keep their eyes closed for very long. The seniors then proceeded to the auditorium, where a game called “Nerf Wars” was organised by another team of our batch. It seemed to be going well at the start, but it turned out to be chaotic, and ended up in the seniors randomly shooting at each other, disregarding all the rules.

And finally, I lead all those interested in “Treasure Hunt” out of the auditorium, and divided them into 5 teams. I was delighted, because we had initially expected only around 20 seniors, but there were 35 seniors who came forward to indulge in our game. I went around explaining the rules of the game to each team clearly, told them their designated colour, and gave them their first clue. “3… 2… 1… GOOO!!!” I shouted at the top of my voice, and off they went, rushing to the first location. We stationed ourselves at different places of the school, and we only told them “hot” or “cold” if they were stuck trying to figure out a clue. I was ecstatic to see most of the seniors enjoying their night, running here and there to figure out where the clues were hidden. All of our hard work had finally paid off as the game was a huge success, undoubtedly the best of the three. At the end of the game, I was given the mic to announce the winning team of the game, and I invited the school chairman Mr. Ashok to give out the winning prize.

The DP teachers came forward and congratulated me and my team for organizing the Treasure Hunt. All of us had an appetizing dinner afterwards, which was sponsored by everyone from our batch (DP-1). Just as the seniors had finished their dinner, all of a sudden we stood in front of them and began our Flash Mob dance performance. Then, the DJ continued with the music after our performance, and the seniors joined dancing with us. The final event for the night was the lighting of paper lanterns, which reminded me of one of the scenes in “Tangled”. We helped the seniors in lighting the lanterns, and they flew off into the dark night, a symbolic representation of the teachers lighting up the students’ lives, in order for them to reach great heights in their future. Describing this event with the word “magnificent” would be an understatement. 

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CAS E10: Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN India) Reflection



  • Category: Activity

  • Total Duration: 65 hours

Soon after my first MUN experience from IIMUN – Coimbatore, I was very keen to participate in another MUN conference. So, my friends and I decided to take part in one of the most prestigious MUN conferences in India, that is Harvard MUN, held at Hyderabad. This MUN conference brought together thousands of delegates from across the world, to debate and discuss major issues in international affairs, by simulating committees of the United Nations and other international bodies. Moreover, it is held only once every year, so I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to improve on my communication, debating and diplomatic skills. 

Speaking in front of a huge crowd is a vital life skill, and through this invaluable experience I have become more confident in doing so, by voicing out my opinions in front of several people. My perception of MUNs has totally changed after going to HMUN, as it was on a much larger scale and much more professional compared to IIMUN, and made it seem trivial when compared to HMUN. I have also learnt that communicating with new people (lobbying in short) is crucial in order to become a successful delegate. I have realised that this is also a skill very much needed for our future, when we will have to work constructively and make contacts with unknown people.

From this MUN, I have also become more cognizant of important world issues which are happening at present, as well as issues we might face as global citizens in the future. In order to find a possible solution for these issues at a MUN, we have to establish a group of people with similar views, and form a reasonable solution as a consequence. I have learnt this does not only apply for MUNs, but it also applies for real life situations, to listen to others and work together in order to form an appropriate resolution for the issue.

Altogether, I have to say that HMUN was an exhilarating experience, where I was able to acquire indispensable communicating and debating skills, as well as have loads of fun at the same time. (Did I forget to mention about the scrumptious food provided for every meal?)

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CAS E10: Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN India 2016)

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Journal 1 – 01/08/2016

After my first MUN experience at IIMUN Coimbatore, our CAS teacher Mr. Rolf had informed us that another MUN conference called Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN) was coming up, and it was to be held at Hyderabad International Convention Centre. HMUN is a prestigious conference bringing students from across the world to discuss and debate about critical world issues which we might face as global citizens of the next generation. When we were informed about HMUN, I knew that I shouldn’t miss this golden opportunity, as it is organised only once every year in India, and moreover this year it is held in India’s best convention centre.  

So today, I started researching for this grand scale conference. I was the delegate of Belgium in the 130th session of the International Olympic Committee, and our topic was the future of the Olympic Movement, where we had to discuss our views in electing a host city for 2024 Olympics. My good friends Abhishek and Hariharan were also participating in the IOC along with me, so it was great because we could enjoy this experience together. I had to submit my position paper tomorrow, so I hurriedly started my research to give the stance of Belgium on the agenda.

Journal 2 – 11/08/2016

Tomorrow is going to be the first day of HMUN. I am at a loss of words to express my excitement. Almost the entire day I had spent researching on the problems of the Olympic movement, as well as the possible solutions for them. I did not prepare my opening speech yet, but I think I can frame it during my flight tomorrow, as it is just going to be a concise version of my position paper, giving the stances of Belgium on the agenda. I had taken print outs of necessary documents and filed them in a research binder. Now, all that is left is to pack for the 4-day trip to Hyderabad, and I am ready for HMUN! 

Journal 3 – 12/08/2016 (HMUN Day 1)

I had woken up early in the morning, and my dad had dropped me off at the airport. I rejoined with my friends waiting outside the terminal with our luggage for Mr. Rolf. In total, there were 30 of us from our school (DP 1 and DP 2) participating in HMUN. Once all of us had reached the airport, we finished the checking in and immigration formalities, and we bought ourselves some snacks for breakfast in the airport. By the time we knew it, we were already boarding the aircraft, ready for take off. In the one hour of journey time we had, I finished penning down my opening speech, and brushed through my research binder.

Once we had reached Hyderabad, and checked out of the airport, we boarded a bus (provided by HMUN) which brought us to our hotel – Formulae 1, and we were graciously given double occupancy for each room. My good friend Abhishek and I were allocated in the same room, so we were elated. The rooms were pretty decent, and moreover we were given free WiFi! We freshened up for a while, and then we had to get ready to board the bus again, to get to the convention centre for our first day of HMUN.

When we reached the place, my eyes widened with wonder and amaze as I stepped out of the bus. The surroundings were so neat and clean that I had almost forgotten that we were in India. We were standing outside the convention centre, and it was amazing to view the architecture and elevation of the building, as well as the surrounding environment. As we were quite late for the explanation of the Rules of Procedure (ROP), we decided to take photos tomorrow, and we finally entered the centre. The convention centre was posh and lavish, and it was truly one of the most spectacular places I have been to. It was then I actually realised the heat of the competition, where everyone seemed to be professional and experienced. My hands were actually trembling of nervousness (and also partially because of the cold atmosphere in there!). The only thing which lightened me up was the food available at the cafe, but it was really overpriced (I pity Mr. Rolf, who had bought all 30 of us lunch there!).

We then attended the ROP event from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm, where the various points and motions to open caucuses were explained, so that we know how to effectively participate in our committees. After that, we had a short break, where we saw the committee halls in each level of the centre. Each hall had almost around 200 seats, and there were several of these halls in each level for each committee in the UN. The opening ceremony of HMUN had commenced in the largest hall (which could seat around 2000 people) in the centre from 4 to 5:30 pm, where we enjoyed a few versatile dance performances, followed by speeches given by the chief director and the secretary general.

At 6:00 pm, we had our first committee session until around 8:30 pm. There were about 200 people participating in the IOC, and in 3 delegates were seated in every table. That was perfect for the 3 of us (Abhishek, Hariharan and I ) to sit with each other. The chair first introduced himself, then explained the ROP briefly for the first half an hour. Taking the attendance of all the delegates present in the hall, and receiving our placards took up so much time that we only had about 45 minutes of committee session left. A few delegates were recognized to present their opening speeches, but due to the lack of time and my nervousness, I decided to give my speech tomorrow. At the end of the committee session, many experienced delegates were already forming lobbying around to form potential blocs with the delegates. A few of them approached me as well, and by conversing with them I came to know that these delegates had been to various MUNs abroad as well.

At around 9:00 pm, it was dinner time. The aroma of scrumptious food led me into the dining hall. There, we rejoined with our friends (from our school) from different committees, and we started helping ourselves with heaps of food on our plates. The dinner was absolutely splendid, with various varieties of food for non-vegetarians, as well as for vegetarians, and there were deserts too. In fact, I would say that the dinner was the best part of the day, because I really did not expect the food to be of such divine standards. After dinner, we boarded our bus (after a long wait, of course) to go back to the hotel. I was too tired to think of preparing for tomorrow’s committee sessions as my eyelids drooped down to force my eyes shut.

Journal 4 – 13/08/2016 (HMUN Day 2)

Today I had woken up at about 7:40 am, and had a delicious breakfast provided by the hotel. We had to board the bus by 8:30 am, and as I was a bit late, I hurriedly stuffed a few muffins in my bag and off we went to the convention centre. It was a picture perfect day, and all 30 of us posed for photos in our respective committees that morning, dressed up in our formal attire for the 2nd committee session at 9:30. Even for a few minutes before the committee session started, many of the delegates had formed groups and were lobbying around with each other. Soon, the chair had arrived, and the roll call (attendance list) began. 

After several attempts of raising my placard, I was finally recognized by the chair to give my opening speech. As I started off my opening speech, I could hear myself stuttering because of nervousness, but as I went on, I felt I became more consistent and I ended my speech well. But the main highlight of the 2nd session was that motions for moderated caucuses had started, and the delegates were recognized to discuss and debate about certain aspects of the problems of the Olympic Movement, for example, discussing about the politicization of the movement in the recent years. I realised that getting recognised in such a big committee was very VERY difficult, as the chair had to choose random placards, and give chances to those who hadn’t spoken yet. 

The 2nd session had ended at around 12:30, and we had lunch soon after that. I don’t think I have to tell you how scrumptious our lunch was, and it just seemed as if the food got better and better every meal. We had a HMUN Leadership Forum and a few other minor events till 4:00 pm, and we had our 3rd committee session from 4:30 to 7:00 pm. We continued with moderated caucuses, but I didn’t get recognised at all throughout the entire session. From then, I made a decision to raise my placard for every moderated caucus, so that I can get a chance to involve in the debate. But in that session during unmoderated caucuses, I went around to different blocs and gave my signatory to Draft Resolution 1.3 which had taken into account most of the problems faced by the Olympics, and the solutions stated in it also seemed to be reasonable. After the session, we had an appetizing dinner, with some sort of mango dessert which was impeccable. 

From 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm, all HMUN delegates were invited to an event called HMUN India’s Got Talent. Quite a few delegates showcased their wide range of talents (such as beat boxing, dancing, singing, mimicry, comedy, magic), and we even had a special dance performance from the directors of the event, as well as the chairs of each committee! A few of the performances (which were the dance and the beat boxing) were captivating, while the rest were somewhat entertaining. After the event, we went back to our hotel by bus, and I reflected on how I could learn from my experience during the committee sessions in the morning and evening. 

Journal 5 – 14/08/2016 (HMUN Day 3)

Today we had three committee sessions, and I was delighted with my performance today. I was lucky to be recognized twice during the 3 committee sessions. By the time we were in the third committee session, we had already finished discussing about the problems of the Olympics, and moved on to select a host city for 2024 Olympics based on current issues and affairs. There were 4 blocs formed, hence 4 cities proposed – New York, Lisbon, Buenos Aires and Athens. I found Buenos Aires to be the most logical choice among the cities, as they have already hosted the Youth Olympic Games and hence they would already have the facilities to host the Olympics, drastically reducing the cost of the Games. So, I joined their bloc, and so did my friends Abhishek and Hariharan. 

Each bloc had to present in front of the hall to convince the delegates why their proposed city is the best for hosting the Olympics, with 5 representatives from the bloc. After the presentation, the other delegates could pose questions to the representatives if recognised by the chair. I raised my placard to ask a question for Lisbon, the only bloc which seemed to threaten our chances of hosting the Olympics in 2024. Luckily, I was the last delegate to get recognized by the chair for the day, and I confidently stood up, and posed my question to them. I was on cloud nine when all the other delegates in the hall had heard my question, and applauded when I had finished asking. It felt like a remarkable feat for me, that too in such a huge event such as HMUN. It was really a confidence booster, and I had a whole-hearted dinner after that session with a huge smile beaming on my face.

At 9:30 pm, we had delegate dance! All of us from different committees rejoiced and started dancing excitedly to the beat drops. It was great to see a few random people all of a sudden joining our group and dancing with us, and we had a great deal of fun. That night, we reached our hotel rooms at around 11:30 pm or 12:00 am. Since that was our last night, we were allowed to stay up late till 2 am and have anyone over to our room till then. 

My friend Reshma had invited me and a few other friends over to her room, and there were 9 of us: Anushka, Nivetha, Mariza, Deeksha, Hariharan, Shreepathi, Kavya, Reshma and I. At first, we spent our time watching a movie on TV, then we decided to have a bit more fun and we started playing “Truth or Dare”. Whatever we heard in that room, remained within those four walls, and we enjoyed ourselves staying up till 2:30 or so. Tomorrow is the last day of HMUN, so we didn’t mind sacrificing a few hours of sleep to enjoy our final moments of this wonderful experience. 

Journal 6 – 15/08/2016 (HMUN Day 4)

Today was the last day of HMUN… and we checked out of our hotel in the morning and went to the convention centre with our luggage. We had one final committee session left, that was to vote for the host city for 2024 Olympics. New York and Athens were eliminated due to very little support, and the final voting for each delegate was either for Buenos Aires or Lisbon. It was a thrilling and a close contest… and it ended up in Messi (Argentina) vs Ronaldo (Portugal)! And in the end, after the dramatic drum rolls (by banging the table), the chair had announced the final votes: Buenos Aires – 84 and Lisbon – 91. We had lost by 7 votes… and it was hard to accept defeat. But, I was content that being one of the proactive members of the bloc, we gave a close fight to Lisbon. 

In the last few minutes, we ended up taking pictures with the chair, and as well as adding our new friends from our committee in social media. We bid our final good byes to most of the delegates in the committee, and off we went to have our last lunch of HMUN. “I am going to miss this food so much” I thought to myself as I savoured my final spoon of ice cream. We had the closing ceremony from 12:30 to 2:00 pm, where a few speeches given by the director and secretary general, and the award winners of each committee was then announced. None of us from our school received any delegation awards, but nevertheless it is the journey of the experience, not the destination that counts. Moreover, we were amateurs compared to professional delegates who had several international experiences of MUN.

HMUN had officially ended. All of us had changed into our normal clothes and boarded the bus to go to the airport. Our flight was at 7 pm but we reached very early, at around 5 pm. My uncle who was living in Hyderabad came to the airport to send me off, before I departed to Coimbatore. I was able to spend about half an hour with my uncle (with Rolf sir’s permission), and later on I cleared through the check in and immigration process on my own. I rejoined the 29 others at KFC in the airport, where Rolf sir had generously bought each of us a meal. After we had suppressed our appetite with the KFC meals, it was time for us to board the flight, and within no time we had reached Coimbatore. My dad picked me up from the airport, and I eventually reached home at around 10:00 pm. What a journey this has been!    

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CAS E9: Aerobic Dancing

Journal & Reflection

  • Category: Activity

  • Total Duration: 2 hours

Today, all of us (DP – 1 students) were asked to assemble in the school football field during our last 2 hours of CAS. However, none of us had any idea what we were going to do, and when we went down to the ground, we were surprised to see our school dance teachers waiting for us. “Oh god… Why are we going to dance today?” I asked our CAS Coordinator Mr. Rolf with disappointment. “Cheer up man… It’s not just any form of dance, you guys are going to do aerobic dance!” replied Mr. Rolf.

The dance teachers and sports staff had set up a laptop and the speakers at the control room, to play music for the aerobic exercise. We arranged ourselves into 5 rows, one behind the other. Luckily I was in the last row (as the others wouldn’t see me dance), and I was able to get a good view of everyone in front of me. Once we were all spaced out evenly, the dance teachers started to teach us a few simple moves without music, which were very similar to the stretching exercises we used to do before playing sports such as football or basketball. We did each move for 8 – 16 counts, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in the process of learning the moves, as it was hilarious to see some of my friends dancing in an eccentric way. Some of the steps we were taught were also extremely similar to swimming strokes, as we moved our hands just like how we would do while swimming freestyle, breast stroke and butterfly strokes.

After practicing the same aerobic exercises for several times, we were given a short water break, and we returned back to the field to perform the same steps, but with music played from the speakers this time. The song was groovy, and the tempo was allegro (fast in music terms), hence each count was actually much faster than we expected. But somehow, after laughing at each other trying to keep up with the music, and after a few attempts, we were able to dance all the moves together, with some coordination. Finally, in the last few minutes before the end of school, we were allowed to play games (football & basketball), even though we were quite exhausted after the aerobic activity.

Although we danced a few simple steps which was very similar to warm-up or stretching exercises, the activity slowly drained out or energy in the course of the two hours. Before this activity, I had no clue what were aerobics, and I had thought that it was for fitness freaks who indulged themselves in excessive physical training. However, it obviously turned out to be entirely different from what I had thought, and I experienced the benefits of this exercise myself. In the stressful life of IB, with “n” number of assignments, tests and exams, it diverted my mind from all these stress for those two hours, and my mind was refreshed and relaxed at the end of the activity.

Moreover, these aerobic exercises have many other benefits to human health, such as increased endurance, improved sleep, maintaining a healthy BMI. What’s more is that people of any age group (from kids to elderly) can indulge in this simple exercise. I look forward to do other similar activities, where we can enjoy some time with friends, and at the same time relieve ourselves from our stressful lives.

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